Hurley Measurement

Measure Up For Correct Hurley Size

The length and weight of a hurley have a tremendous effect on the player. The traditional method of gauging the length to a player’s hip has proved inaccurate and unsuitable since two players of the same height can have a difference of 4″ or 10 centimeters in hip height.  Children and beginners can be inclined to go for a longer hurley. The perception being that “the longer the hurley the longer the puck.” The truth is quite the opposite. “Long equals no puck.” 

How to Measure a Hurley

To assess the correct length, a child should stand straight, shoulders square, with hands held loosely by the side. Place the bas on the ground by the child’s side. Place your finger horizontally just underneath the grip as shown in the picture. With the correct size, your finger should align with/touch the child’s wrist bone.  If the child can use the hurley like a sword with one hand, it is about the right weight.  

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